Best TV to buy in India

Different Types of TV available in India

There are four different types of TV available in India today, these are LCD (LCD= Liquid Crystal Display), LED TV (LED= Light Emitting Diode), Plasma TV and the newest OLED TV (Organic Light Emitting Diode). We will explain each of these types of TVs available in India.

LED TV explained

The LED stands for 'Light Emitting Diode' and refers to the LED bulbs that are there in an LED TV as backlight. An LED TV has an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen with LED bulbs as backlight. So basically an LED TV is an LCD TV which has LED bulbs as the backlight. Let us explain more clearly what LED and LCD TVs are.

An LCD TV has a Flat TV screen which has millions of Liquid Crystals sandwiched between two glass panels. This assembly is known as the LCD panel. When the liquid crystal elements in the LCD panel are charged with electricity using individual transistors for each liquid crystal, the liquid crystal becomes partly opaque and only allows a certain amount of light to pass through the LCD panel. An LCD screen does not any light on its own, it only controls the light that passes through the screen. So to produce a picture on the TV screen the LCD panel needs light from another source to pass through it. The source of light is called the backlight. In an LCD screen the backlight is produced by a CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent light). On the other hand in an LED TV the backlight is produced by LED bulbs. Thus the only difference between an LCD and LED TV is the backlight source.

Plasma TV reviews in India

By looking at a Plasma TV and LCD TV you cannot make out any difference, but they work in totally different ways. A Plasma TV has thousands of gas filled cells, each containing a mixture of rare gases (neon and xenon). These cells glow when charged with electric voltages to produce different colors. Each of the plasma cell pixels light up individually to varying colors depending on the electric charge applied to them.

Since Plasma TV pixels produce their own light and colors without depending on any backlight source, the picture of the plasma TV is technically superior to that produced by an LED TV. Plasma TVs has a much higher contrast ratio than an LED TV and other advantages like better Viewing angle (clearer picture from the sides of the TV), fast motion pictures without blurring of fast moving objects, like a cricket ball going to the boundary. Plasma TVs are cheaper than LED TVs. The disadvantages are that it is usually heavier, uses more electricity, the picture is not very bright so lights have to be dimmed to watch a Plasma TV. The killer problem in Plasma TVs was something called 'Burn-in' as explained in our page on Plasma TV. All of these problems have caused many of the leading manufacturers to stop production of Plasma TV, but the quality of picture on Plasma TV is very good and Plasma TV is still the choice of many TV experts. .....More from our page on Plasma TV

OLED TVs in India

The newest type of TVs in India are the OLED TVs (Organic Light Emitting Diode TV). Just like a Plasma TV, the OLED pixels in the TV are self-illuminating and thus have all the advantages of the Plasma TVs. But unlike Plasma TV, OLED TVs are very bright and can be viewed in bright lit rooms. Theoretically OLED TVs should also be subject to the 'Burn-in' problem which the Plasma TV suffers from. But now TV manufacturers have several solutions to tackle the 'Burn-in' problem. .....More from our dedicated page on OLED TV

Advantages of curved screen TV

The latest trends in TV sets is to have Curved TV screens. We will explore the advantages of having a curved TV screen in our dedicated page on Curved TVs.

Compare TV models and prices online before buying

The best way to buy a TV in India is to first see all the TVs that are available online. These online companies offer some great discounts, especially for TVs where new models are going to be announced soon. Once you study all the available TV models and prices in India online, you can safely do your shopping in the local stores. In case you cannot find better prices, you can confidently buy TVs from India's best online store: Amazon is the world's No.1 online retailer. You will not be disappointed buying from Amazon, because they have a reputation to keep as the best online retailer not only in India, but in the whole world.

See best models of TV available in India online at full web page selection of all good TV sets available in India.

Buy TV online India

Many in India are hesitant to buy major home appliances, like TV, online. Things have changed in India, the online giant companies like Amazon make sure that their customers are happy. The advantage of buying online is that you can order a TV online, from your computer at home, and they will deliver and set up the TV in your house, within a day in most cases. The beauty of buying online is that service will be assured with just a phone call. Any complaints are imediatly acted upon and the service technicians will visit your house in a matter of hours. This is much more convenient than having to beg the local shop-keeper, from where you bought the TV, for service. Amazon, for example, has become the world's biggest online store, because they always try their best to make customers happy.

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