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Plasma TVs are still available in India. Main online stores like Flipkart and Snapdeal still offer some Plasma TVs from Samsung, LG and Panasonic, even though these TV Companies have stopped production or planning to stop production of Plasma TVs. Cheap and best Plasma TV in India are a bargain buy now. The quality of these new Plasma TVs are much better than in the old days when Plasma TVs got a bad name for itself. The main problem of Plasma TV then was the Burnin problem, but most of the new Plasma TVs available now have overcome this problem with a technique known as Plasma pixel-shifting under different trade names like 'Pixel Wobbling', 'Pixel Orbiting', etc.

A Plasma TV is a good buy if you can get it at a bargain price and you are prepared to have good curtains to dim the room in which you plan to view the Plasma TV. The picture on a Plasma TV is very good, even better than some of the best LED TVs. All the old problems of Plasma TVs are not there in the newer Plasma TVs. So buying a Plasma TV if avaialble is a very good option, but Plasma TVs can go off the shelves at any time soon. The price you pay for the Plasma TV will be much lower than the same size LED TV.

Plasma TV price in India 2015

We have below the 2015 Plasma TV price in India of both LG and Samsung. Panasonic and Sony Plasma TVs may also be available in India with the online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Junglee, Snapdeal, etc.

LG Plasma TV price in India 2015

Please find below a table of LG Plasma TV prices in India published by LG on their website. Please not that most Plasma TVs in India are now being sold with good discounts from their MRP prices. To quote what they say "Presenting LG Plasma TV equipped with a robust scratch resistant panel and razor frame design and see how their stylish designs and optimised plasma displays create the ultimate viewing experience in your home."

Clicking on the model number of the Plasma TV in the tables below will take you directly to LG's website for that Plasma TV.

LG Plasma TV price in India 2015
LG Model No.DescriptionMRP Price ₨
50PB6600 50 inch Full HD Smart PLASMA TV64,900
50PN450050 inch HD Smart PLASMA TV61,000
50PB560B50 inch HD Smart PLASMA TV57,900
42PN450042 inch HD Smart PLASMA TV38,500

Samsung Plasma TV price in India 2015

Please find below a table of Samsung Plasma TV prices in India. Clicking on any model number of the Plasma TV in the table below will take you directly to Samsung's website for that Plasma TV.

Samsung Plasma TV price in India 2015
Model No.DescriptionMRP Price ₨
F850064 inchFull HD Flat Smart TV 2,23,900
F550051 inch Full HD Flat Smart TV 80,500
F410043 inch HD Flat TV 38,500

Plasma TV good or bad

Plasma TVs are good but some of Plasma TVs bad points made people not to buy it. Here below we have list of the pros and cons of Plasma TVs in India.

What is good about Plasma TVs

  1. The picture on a Plasma TV has much richer natural looking colors with very high contrast ratio. In fact Plasma TVs had the best picture quality of any TVs. The picture quality of Plasma TVs were good because it has self illuminating pixels which do not require a backlight
  2. Plasma TVs do not suffer from motion-lag or motion-blur, the effect of blurring of fast moving objects in a TV picture, like the blurring of a football when it is kicked hard and fast. LCD or LED TVs suffer from this problem. This is because Plasma TV pixels have very high switching speeds between the 'ON' and "OFF' states. These qualities made Plasma TVs the choice of sports lovers and gaming professionals. Plasma TVs are best for gaming and sports lovers considered Plasma TVs great for watching sports.
  3. Plasma TVs have good viewing angle. LED TVs picture quality goes down as you move to the side of the LED TV or if the LED TV is placed above eye level. Plasma TVs picture is still good from the sides or viewed above eye level.
  4. Plasma TVs are cheaper than same size LED TVs

Why Plasma TVs are bad

  1. Plasma TV picture, even though of very high quality, cannot be viewed in brightly lit rooms, because the picture on a Plasma TV is not as bright as that of an LCD or LED TV.
  2. Plasma TV Burnin problem: This bad thing about Plasma TVs have been called several names like Screen Burn-in, image burn-in, Image persistence or ghost image. The burnin problem of Plasma TVs can be explained as a mark left on the TV screen when there is one constant picture on the TV screen all the time, like the logo of a TV station shown all the time in one corner of the TV. When you go to another channel, the mark left by the logo of TV channel viewed previously is visible, and people do not like this ghost image on their TV screen.
  3. Plasma TV Lifespan is only about half that of LED TVs. This was a major bad point for Plasma TVs, even though Plasma TVs could be viewed without problems for more than 10 years of regular TV watching.
  4. Plasma TVs consumed more electric power and people have reported that Plasma TV tends to get very hot and also make a buzzing sound. All these bad things about Plasma TV led to its early death.
  5. Plasma TVs are heavier and bulkier than LED TVs

Plasma TV out of production

Most TV manufacturers have now stopped production of Plasma TV or going to be stop production Plasma TVs soon. Just a few years ago Plasma TVs were the choice of professionals due to many advantages of Plasma TVs, but Plasma TVs suffered from problems as described above, which got it such a bad name, that people were not buying it any more and TV manufacturers had no option but stop Plasma TV production

Compare TV models and prices online before buying

The best way to buy a TV in India is to first see all the TVs that are available online. These online companies offer some great discounts, especially for TVs where new models are going to be announced soon. Once you study all the available TV models and prices in India online, you can safely do your shopping in the local stores. In case you cannot find better prices, you can confidently buy TVs from India's best online store: Amazon is the world's No.1 online retailer. You will not be disappointed buying from Amazon, because they have a reputation to keep as the best online retailer not only in India, but in the whole world.

See best models of TV available in India online at full web page selection of all good TV sets available in India.

Buy TV online India

Many in India are hesitant to buy major home appliances, like TV, online. Things have changed in India, the online giant companies like Amazon make sure that their customers are happy. The advantage of buying online is that you can order a TV online, from your computer at home, and they will deliver and set up the TV in your house, within a day in most cases. The beauty of buying online is that service will be assured with just a phone call. Any complaints are imediatly acted upon and the service technicians will visit your house in a matter of hours. This is much more convenient than having to beg the local shop-keeper, from where you bought the TV, for service. Amazon, for example, has become the world's biggest online store, because they always try their best to make customers happy.

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