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Are OLED TVs good

OLED is the short form of 'Organic Light Emitting Diode". OLED Screens are now widely used in many top smartphones like the top of the range Samsung S6 and Samsung Note-4 and many similar such phones. In phones since they need touch-screen so OLED screens in phones have an additional matrix called 'Active Matrix' to facilitate touch operations on a smartphone screen. Thus the OLED screens in smartphones are called 'Active Matrix OLED' or AMOLED.

The same beautiful OLED screens are now available in TVs. As of date, there is no disputing the fact that OLED TVs are the best display type for TVs.

The well known Digital Trends magazine had this to say about OLED TVs: "Simply put, OLED is the best display technology available today; everything else is a compromise". So OLED TVs are good, in fact OLED TVs are the best type of TVs available today.

When will OLED TV prices drop

Right now OLED TV prices are expensive, but we can expect a gradual price drop in OLED TVs over the next few years. One of the reasons for OLED TVs high price is due to the manufacturing process of OLED TVs still not being perfected. According to LG, the leading manufacturer of OLED TVs in the world now, there are a high number of rejects during manufacturing process of OLED TVs now, and so the 'Yield' of acceptable good quality TV screens coming out of the production line is not very good. Once the manufacturing process is perfected and the Yield of good quality OLED screens at end of the OLED TV production line is achieved, LG will start reducing the prices of their OLED TVs.

In May 2010, DuPont, a leading multinational company who does research in OLED Screen technology, said that they have invented a printing technology that can print a 50-inch OLED TV screen in two minutes. If this Dupont OLED Technology bears fruit, then we may be in for an era where OLED TVs are cheap and huge, which can be hung and displayed like banners. No harm in dreaming!

OLED TV prices in India

OLED TVs now available in India are mainly from LG. LG 4K Ultra HD TVs in India are still not available, but LG says it will be bringing them in soon. Due to the limited production facilities for OLED TVs in LG factories in Korea, LG is now is concentrating on the high end curved OLED TVs. Only the 1920x1080 HD OLED Curved TVs of LG are now available in India. The following table has LG OLED TVs price in India now:

LG curved TV prices in India
LG Modelsize " / CmsPrice RupeesDetails
55EA970055" / 139.7₨3,09,900Full HD Curved OLED 3D Smart TV
55EA980055" / 139.7₨3,09,900Full HD Curved OLED 3D Smart TV
55EC930T55" / 139.7₨3,34,900Full HD Curved OLED 3D Smart TV with webOS

Just to compare the Indian prices of LG OLED TVs to the list price in USA of LG 4K Ultra HD Curved TVs , we have in the following table the LG OLED TVs prices in USA.

LG OLED TV prices in USA
Size inchBrandModelScreen TypePrice
55LG EC9300  OLED HD$3,499.99
65LG EG9600OLED 4K$8,999.99

THe LG 55 inch full HD Curved TV in US is $3,500- which when multiplied by 63 (since one Dollar is equal to ₨63) gives ₨2,20,500-. The 65 inch LG 4K Ultra HD curved TV price in US works out to ₨5,67,000-.

OLED TV Pros and Cons

The advantages of OLED TV are mainly due to the OLED pixels being self illuminating and producing very bright light. When a OLED pixel is in the off state it is completely Black and when the OLED pixel is in full power mode, it is White. Since each pixel of an OLED TV can be individually switched on and off, the OLED TV produces the highest Contrast rate possible, almost infinity.

An LED TV on the other hand requires a back light to project the TV picture and this causes bleeding of light into the dark areas of the LED TV picture and so an LED TV does not produce such dark blacks as an OLED TV. Hence the contrast ratio between the dark and bright areas of an LED TV screen is not as good as that of an OLED TV screen. This difference in quality between an OLED TV and an LED TV becomes very obvious when the two TVs are viewed side by side. The best labs have certified that the contrast ratio of an OLED TV is more than a 1000 times that of of LED TV.

The main disadvantages of an OLED TV are its life expectancy and the problem of Screen Burnin. But now in 2015, these OLED TV problems have been overcome. The life expectancy of OLED TVs that was a problem a few years back, but lifespan offered for OLED TVs from 2015 is 30,000 hours before the OLED pixels show signs of any dimming. What 30,000 hours means in real life is that if you are watching an OLED TV for 6 hours every day of the year, then that TV will last 5000 days which when divided by 365 days of a year gives 13.6 years. In actual practice it will be more, since you are not going to watch TV for 6 hours every day.

The Burnin problem of OLED TVs is a thing of the past. All OLED TV brands have screen wiping technologies to remove any Burnin impressions on the TV screen. Most of these Burnin Screen Wipe clean technologies work automatically every time you switch of and on an OLED TV.

OLED TV compared to LCD TV

Compare OLED vs LED TV
ColorOLED TV colour display is much better than that of an LCD LED TV
Contrast RatioOLED TV pixels light up individually and have no backlight like the LED TV. This prevents light bleed problems of LED TV in OLED TV. Thus the picture on an OLED TV has very high contrast ratio almost a 1000 times more than that of an LED TV.
Fast ActionYou will not see the blur of a fast moving object, like the football going into the goal net, on an OLED TV. This is because the response time to switching on off signals on OLED TV is very much faster than in the LCD panel of an LED TV.
Viewing AngleThe viewing angle on an OLED TV is much better than that in an LED TV.
Electricity usageOLED TVs is much more energy efficient than an LED TV.
Screen SizeLargest OLED TVs now in production is 105 inches, same as an LED TV, but soon much bigger OLED TVs are expected to be produced.
LifespanLED has a better lifespan with quoted figures of 50,00O hours and more. OLED TV lifesapn 2015 is quoted at 30,000 hours. But 30,000 hours is a long time: for example watching OLED TV 6 hours a day takes 5000 days to reach 30,000 hours and 5000 days is more than 13 years.
OLED TV Burn-inOLED TV can have Burn-in problems, but now the Burnin problem of OLED TVs is a thing of the past. All OLED TV brands have Screen Wipe Clean technologies to remove any Burnin impressions on OLED TV screen.
PriceOLED TVs are still very expensive compared to an LED TV. But it is expected that in a few years OLED TVs may be cheaper than LED TVs.

Compare TV models and prices online before buying

The best way to buy a TV in India is to first see all the TVs that are available online. These online companies offer some great discounts, especially for TVs where new models are going to be announced soon. Once you study all the available TV models and prices in India online, you can safely do your shopping in the local stores. In case you cannot find better prices, you can confidently buy TVs from India's best online store: Amazon is the world's No.1 online retailer. You will not be disappointed buying from Amazon, because they have a reputation to keep as the best online retailer not only in India, but in the whole world.

See best models of TV available in India online at full web page selection of all good TV sets available in India.

Buy TV online India

Many in India are hesitant to buy major home appliances, like TV, online. Things have changed in India, the online giant companies like Amazon make sure that their customers are happy. The advantage of buying online is that you can order a TV online, from your computer at home, and they will deliver and set up the TV in your house, within a day in most cases. The beauty of buying online is that service will be assured with just a phone call. Any complaints are imediatly acted upon and the service technicians will visit your house in a matter of hours. This is much more convenient than having to beg the local shop-keeper, from where you bought the TV, for service. Amazon, for example, has become the world's biggest online store, because they always try their best to make customers happy.

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