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How to buy a TV in India, Good TV to buy in India

This website is a complete guide on how to buy a TV in India. It tells about the basic things that you should look for when buying a new TV in India. Different types of TVs available in India are listed and the main features, advantages and disadvantages of these TVs explained. We will help you to find the cheapest and best TV to own in India.

What to look for when buying a TV in India

We have several pages describing in detail about the things to look for when buying a TV in India. These pages are as follows:

We have a page which explains about all the basic TV specifications and what are the important things to look for when buying a new flat TV in India. You should understand what important aspects of what makes TV picture look good, like TV resolution, Contrast Ratio, Refresh rate, etc. All of these things which makes a TV picture to look good is discussed in detail in our page TV Picture Quality

How the size of a TV is measured and how big a TV to buy? The size of the TV to buy depends on how big you room is and we explain all this in our page on Flat TV specifications.

There are mainly four different types of flat TV screens: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), LED TV (an LCD TV with Light Emitting Diode: LED backlight), Plasma TV and the newest OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode TV). These are all discussed in details in our page on TV Types

Which are the best brands of TV to buy in India? We have a dedicated page on Top Best TV brands in India with a review of each TV brand in India.

The sound of new flat TVs does not match the size of the TV nor is it good. Flat TV manufacturers try to make their TVs as thin as possible, so these TVs do not have good speakers. To improve the sound of flat TVs you must connect a home theatre with the flat TV. New soundbars for TV is the latest trend in improving the sound of TVs. We have a page on how to improve TV sound.

We discuss on separate pages on our site about the newest types of flat TVs available in India like Curved TV, 4K Ultra HD TV, OLED TV, 3D TV, Smart TV, HD TV and about the good LED TV specifications to look for.

You need good TV programs to watch on your new flat TV. For this you should get connected to the best DTH Satellite Dish TV services in India. We have a dedicated page on best DTH Satellite Dish TV services in India.

Finally you need to connect the TV to the various devices like DVD player, DTH Set Top Box, Hard Disk Media Players or to your laptop or even to your smartphone. We have a dedicated page explaining all about Connecting TV

Compare TV models and prices online before buying

The best way to buy a TV in India is to first see all the TVs that are available online. These online companies offer some great discounts, especially for TVs where new models are going to be announced soon. Once you study all the available TV models and prices in India online, you can safely do your shopping in the local stores. In case you cannot find better prices, you can confidently buy TVs from India's best online store: Amazon is the world's No.1 online retailer. You will not be disappointed buying from Amazon, because they have a reputation to keep as the best online retailer not only in India, but in the whole world.

See best models of TV available in India online at full web page selection of all good TV sets available in India.

Buy TV online India

Many in India are hesitant to buy major home appliances, like TV, online. Things have changed in India, the online giant companies like Amazon make sure that their customers are happy. The advantage of buying online is that you can order a TV online, from your computer at home, and they will deliver and set up the TV in your house, within a day in most cases. The beauty of buying online is that service will be assured with just a phone call. Any complaints are imediatly acted upon and the service technicians will visit your house in a matter of hours. This is much more convenient than having to beg the local shop-keeper, from where you bought the TV, for service. Amazon, for example, has become the world's biggest online store, because they always try their best to make customers happy.

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