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From the latest trend in the Indian market 3D TV is losing its popularity. At the begining there was the novelty of 3D TVs, but that seems to be wearing off. The DTH channels in India offering 3D TVs have almost stopped their transmission, which again goes to show that 3D TV is dying in India. 3D TV content is hard to get and new 3D TV content in Hindi, Tamil or other Indian languages are almost nil.

3D TV working principle

The basic 3D TV working principle is that there are 2 images being shown on the TV screen at the same time, one for the right eye and the other for the left eye.

Special cameras that have two separate lenses placed at the same distance as between the human eyes take these TV images. Special 3D glasses make the right eye see the TV image for the right eye and the left eye see the TV image meant for the left eye. When each eye gets these separate images, the illusion is created of a 3D image.

Different kinds of 3D TV

There are 3 different kindss of 3D TVs: 3D TV with active glasses, 3D TV with passive glasses and 3D TV without glasses or Glassless 3D TV. Each of these different types of 3D TV technologies are explained below:

3D TV: Active glasses

In a 3D TV with active glasses, the pictures for the right and left eye are shown one after the other. The active 3D glasses for watching 3D TV have electronic shutters that blind vision to each eye in synch with the correct picture on the TV. Active 3D glasses opens and shuts with signals from the 3D TV to match the picture on the TV screen.

3D TV: Passive glasses

In a 3D TV with passive glasses there is a special light polarising screen on the 3D TV. The light waves coming out of the TV screen is polarized with image for left eye polarized in either the vertical or horizontal plane and the image for the right polarized in the other plane. The special passive 3D glasses have lenses to see horizontally polarized light in one eye, and vertically polarized light in the other eye. Thus each eye gets the correct 3D picture frame.

Glassless 3D TV or Autostereoscopic 3D TV

The latest in 3D TV technology is Glassless 3D TV or 3D TV Without Glasses. The technical term for 3D TV with no glasses is 'Auto-stereoscopic 3D TV' (stereoscopic 3D-TV is 3D TV with glasses). Many TV companies are researching into this technology and some working Glassless 3D TV models have been exhibited at the CES show in Los Angeles, but to date no Glassless 3D TV are available in the market.

3D TV causes headaches?

Some people complain that 3D TV causes headaches when they watch it for some time. This problem of 3D TV headaches has not been conclusively proven. May be the older 3D movies were not made that well and that is why this 3D headache problem was reported. The new production 3D TV movies are well made and may be now this headache problem of 3D TVs may have ended.

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